Cosine Gaming makes free indie games.

Cosine Gaming was started by a girl known in this world as Cosine. She is often seen wasting her time in front of two bright LCDs, discussing with her friends about Bioshock, attempting to play an instrument and consoling crying onlookers, moving her pencil on paper in weird patterns she tries to call "art", learning so many languages she'll probably never be fluent in any of them, working through the dense pages of Kagan's AP Euro textbook, reading old classics she should have read ages ago, watching TV (especially anime), playing games on her PC, playing games on her friends's consoles, or listing things she does.

All of my games are free software. This is not because they cost nothing (though they do cost nothing!), it is because you have the freedom to play, modify, and distribute them as you please. This is unfortunately exceedingly rare in the video game industry, even for silly web games.

Please consider donating. You'll notice that there are no ads on this site, donations is my only revenue from this site, which does not come without costs.