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Find me on the Fediverse

Oh. So, uh. This blog kinda died.

The reason is because I joined the Fediverse. You can follow me there at (Ok, let's be honest, that's not the reason. The reason is I'm a lazy fuck with nothing good to say and why did I start this blog again?)

"Why haven't you followed me yet? What are you waiting for??" I ask my nonexistent audience.

"Uh.... WTF is the Fediverse," the audience replies back.

"Wait who is talking? Someone reads my blog???"

"Uh... no. This is your imagination."

"Fuck, what am I doing with my life."

The Fediverse is a network of microblogging (= generic word for twitter) servers. These servers ("instances") all implement a protocol that allows them to federate, or communicate with each other to serve as one giant server. There are a lot of advantages to federation, such as providing a small community as well as the whole one. This allows users to choose who they want to hang out with, what they would like their Terms of Service to look like, and even what software they run. But the main reason I joined the Fediverse is because it is free software (the protocol, and every instance I've heard of). And uh... yeah, you know how I feel about free software.

One particular software that can communicate on the Fediverse is called "Mastodon." Yeah, you may have heard of it. They provide a good introduction to what the Fediverse is, although it misleadingly calls the Fediverse "Mastodon." (Other software exists, like GNU Social and Pleroma).

If you want a nice instance with features like Content Warnings, privacy settings, and a nice interface, I would recommend Mastodon. (That's what my instance,, runs.) You can pick a good instance at If you prefer lightweight, Pleroma is a cool new option, although there are few instances, and GNU Social is the original implementation with a wide community.